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Machete (film)

2010-02-16 18:51:32 by alienhominid100

Well in a fairly recent GRIND-HOUSE film called Planet Terror there was a fake preview of a movie called MACHETE. it was about a mexican immigrant landscaper who is hired to kill the president. Here is the TRAILERon you tube. It is fucking hilarious!

Well, if you enjoyed that then you should be glad to know that it is ACTUALLY coming out April, 16 2010!!!!!!! With the same guy playing Machete. It has Jessica Alba, Steven Seagal, and Robert DeNiro in it. It is gonna be awesome!!!!!!!!

PS: If you are reading this then you have LOST THE GAME!!!!

Chuck Norris is god

2010-02-09 16:43:27 by alienhominid100

True dat

Year One

2009-07-07 11:27:56 by alienhominid100

*Sigh* I... really don't want to review this movie. Sam Raimi (Spelled it wrong) is a great director (Ghost Busters) but this is... garbage. I have nothing to say about this piece of shit. DO NOT go see it, you will be really disappointed.

The humor is not funny, the plot was shit, it was all a pile of shit that was punching you for two hours.

Shaun of the Dead

2009-06-24 14:25:26 by alienhominid100

Well, I just watched Shaun of the dead for the second time and I will review it now.

ABOUT: Well, it is about shaun (simon pegg) has a girl friend who he does not really appreciate. And he can't seem to get his life afloat. And every one is bugging him about his fat stupid (funny) drunk best friend/room mate, Ed (Nick Frost). After a night of getting plastered off his ass him and his roommate go to his girlfriends house and mum's house, they TRY to save themselves from zombies.

BAD: I have no complaints... nothing. It took a while to get in to the zombie part but it gave you a variety of laughs (love humor, family humor, drunk humor, Work humor etc.) before it got to the zombies.

GOOD: everything... It was great. The humor, the characters, the romance, the zombies. It was cleverly filmed and casted. As the cover of the DVD says, "A smash hit romantic comedy... with zombies."
Well said cover.

Overall: Go out to FYE or blockbuster and pick it up. It is worth it.

Shaun of the Dead

Watchmen Review

2009-06-15 16:04:02 by alienhominid100

Alright this is a movie made out of the comic book, Watchmen.

COMIC ADAPTATION: Well, It was a good adaptation and I will not spoil the end for the comic fans but they changed it! Dr. Manhattan was a bad character IN THE MOVIE... He talked in sympathetic voice and was pulled off better in the comic. The casting was great. They spent like 5 minutes on the sex scene and if they took out 4 minutes of that they would have time to actually put in more necessary scenes.

AS A MOVIE: Well, the visuals were amazing. The sound track was great and well fitted for the movie. The acting was convincing and was pulled off well. I have no complaints about the movie itself.

ALL AROUND: Well this is an awkward time to put the review since it is not in the theaters or on DVD. You should get the DVD when it comes out. It was brilliant.

P.S.- It comes out on DVD July 25!

Watchmen Review

Terminator salvation

2009-05-29 22:47:17 by alienhominid100

I'm here to talk about the new movie, Terminator salvation. Does not contain spoilers!

GOOD- It was an amazing action film that took modern special affects and turned it in to creative, cool, interesting action scenes (And non of that crappy shaky camera angles, Like Transformers.) The story was very good and brought a lot in on the judgement day future crap. They brought in new and interesting characters, as well as bring back some of the old ones (hint hint.) The special affects were great and sucked you in the story.

Bad- well, I complain about this a lot but is pretty minor detail... The teeth!!! Some of the characters have pearly white teeth (Even know it is the apocalypse and there is not a tooth brush for 300 miles!) Oh yeah... Christian Bale. Ugh! You can not look at him with out think of when he cursed at the donut guy for 35 minutes because he walked on the set. And ok... His acting is not that good. He does not have any emotion and the ones he does have are in-describable.

OverAll- Should you see it? Yes. but first, go out and rent the first three terminators, even if you have already seen them. Check it out. first action movie I have enjoyed since 300... (our next review)
But here is the trailer that best fits the movie Terminator Salvation

-The Critic

Terminator salvation

My NG news!

2009-05-05 17:00:21 by alienhominid100


Well, I was talking to JohnnyUtah and he said that he has 2 uncompleted TANKMEN flashes that he needs to work on a bit.

So for the fans I wanted to clear this up. I think it is very good news because He made so little TANKMEN flashes. YAY!!!!

Here is a link to the TANKMAN series in case you have not seen them ( they are the ones at the very top made by JohnnyUtah) though I will recommend TankMan infinity (though it is not Johnny) or if you want to see them again, and rate them to bring them higher on the top animations.

And I know that pico day is over but I would like to say happy pico day, because right know is the "pico craze" which is a few days after pico day, people are still in a craze.

On other news, the street fighter callob is picking up and you can go to johhnyUtah's page for more info but I can't wait, it's gunna be great!


The following are the staff













The following link, is a flash that is great. It is a scrolling (up, and down) and click on links (pics) to really great and famous
games on NG. Here

the next links are good collections I would check out!




I find something offensive

2009-05-03 15:43:56 by alienhominid100

I was on BBS posts and someone said this.. and I quote.

"If you live a good, moral life then you get reincarnated as a white person. If you live a bad life full of sin then you get reincarnated as a black person. and if you live a HORRIBLE life you turn in to a mexican."

1 thing to say to you sir...

........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')

Honestly... what a total prick.

Look at this!

2009-05-02 17:50:29 by alienhominid100


what the hell...??!!!

I looked at this and it is leginamate.

like... cat of the week... you know... but the last entry was from 9 YEARS AGO!!!! woah!!! What is that NG. maybe tom was high...


2009-04-24 07:31:36 by alienhominid100

i like NG but there is a problem with the site i now can see. when ever I submit a review that does not like a popular entry they delete it! here this is my review of charlie the unicorn 3 and I quote.

"This is not that funny. the humor is not that funny and the animation is not good"

That is what i said and they delted it!!! ass wipes...