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yet another pic

2008-06-10 17:14:01 by alienhominid100


yet another pic


2008-06-10 16:30:20 by alienhominid100

funny pic



2008-06-10 16:03:54 by alienhominid100

i am better than you

crap accounts

2008-06-09 20:07:10 by alienhominid100

i was looking at this guys user page and saw what he was saying so i will say it again

have you come across these accounts that have no posts no blams no protections no reviews no fav, etc,
well i have notified tom that these are a waist of space but he does not care
we should get rid of these notifie tom and with enouth people he may listen.
help me out

i have a awesome car

2008-06-09 17:00:23 by alienhominid100

LOL look at my ride

i have a awesome car


2008-06-09 16:53:14 by alienhominid100

why am i so awesome???


2008-06-08 12:08:27 by alienhominid100

if your any of those # comment you win!!!

1st comment- PM

30th comment-cookie

50th comment-i add you to buds list

100th comment-my e-mail

200th comment-YOU RULE

300th- work on a flash with me by e-mail

well in my last post i was deciding on which movie is better, madness or tankman and i have finally made up my mind...

i have chosen, Tankman and not just the ones from johnny utah all good tank man
and if you disagree do not be a ass, please

i have made up my mind...

2 fav movies

2008-06-07 20:54:56 by alienhominid100

TANKMAN and madness are pure genius, i can not decide witch is better they are both brilliant. witch one do you like better???