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madness flash

2008-06-02 17:46:39 by alienhominid100

well i am planning a new flash
it will probably be a madness type flash
maybe some thing funny that or actiony
it will be done in a month maybe more
most of the flashes i submet get blamed
probably cause i put no effort in it
i usually finish in 3 hours with stick figures
as i said before it will be madness themed
i really only started flash like an month ago
i have fooled around with flash a little
i think it is time to put out a flash
that does not get blammed.
watch out for it!!!


2008-06-01 15:07:31 by alienhominid100

i do not under stand why madness did not win tank awards
krinkels is like the best flash artist on NG
i mean nothing against waterlolies i loved it was a good flash but madness was great!!!

this is my favorite madness
the next madness is going to be awesome i wonder if Hank comes back from the dead
guess we are gunna wait and find out

on the topic of tank awards that game NG rumble, incredible, check it out if you already have not [you probably have though]

ps; i do not know who won 06 tank awards if you know leave it on your comment.




2008-05-31 16:06:10 by alienhominid100

comment on anything you like:
if you can not think of any thing then, here...
obama rules
i am a athiest librel
NG rules!!!

please comment




2008-05-31 15:47:19 by alienhominid100

i my self am voting for OBAMA [not black] because i am a liberal. Honestly i liked bill clintan but you know hilary is ridicules she is a idiot.[almost as bad at bush, YIKES!!!] mcain is a old man who does not even know where he is most of the time [lot like reigen] obama is just a well educated smart demacrat who can ask for more i wish al gore was running he WOULD be my man. republicins are idiots every one of them exept lincon. if you can think of a better R tell me.



2008-05-25 20:41:19 by alienhominid100

when you are commenting i do not care what you leave comments about. just speak your mind.
if you are a completely stupid then here are some topics to agree or disagree with.
i am an atheist and there is no god [ i belive in evoulution]
barack obama rules and i am a liberal [i am not black.]
NG rules!!!!!
KK are fags.
well leave your comment i will try to response to every thing.
what is up with the chat room is it gunna happen



2008-05-25 17:12:39 by alienhominid100

comment on my blurb and both the images
and say what you want about any thing


check out my favorite flashes and games
they are awesome!!!


ps; NG is awesome



2008-05-25 10:36:32 by alienhominid100

some one is getting in my account
his name is deleted


2008-05-25 10:15:43 by alienhominid100

look at my blurb under my image
you can just comment on that.
PS. get out if your not gunna comment


2008-05-25 08:14:07 by alienhominid100

i am coming out with a flash its not that bad even though it is pretty bad.
its called random battle. it will be out in about 15 days. I'm not that great
at flash so put that in your mind when your blaming it.
if you blam it I will rip your heart out!!!!



2008-05-24 19:04:36 by alienhominid100

well i am finally town whatch