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2009-04-24 07:31:36 by alienhominid100

i like NG but there is a problem with the site i now can see. when ever I submit a review that does not like a popular entry they delete it! here this is my review of charlie the unicorn 3 and I quote.

"This is not that funny. the humor is not that funny and the animation is not good"

That is what i said and they delted it!!! ass wipes...


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2009-04-24 07:35:52

Did you give it a zero? If you give it a low score, you have to offer help to the author. Otherwise give it a 5 and then tell him he fails at life. ( politely )

alienhominid100 responds:

I gave it a 1


2009-04-24 07:38:42


alienhominid100 responds:

what???...! weirdo....


2009-05-01 09:48:26

People on Newgrounds aren't aloud to have opinions anymore

alienhominid100 responds:

you said it buddy


2009-05-01 17:15:41

Also, bow down to the guy who has running water.

alienhominid100 responds:

wow... dumb ass.


2009-05-03 19:25:42

Australia is in a drought, fool.


2009-05-03 19:26:06

Oh wait, you're a fucking world traveler.