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Terminator salvation

2009-05-29 22:47:17 by alienhominid100

I'm here to talk about the new movie, Terminator salvation. Does not contain spoilers!

GOOD- It was an amazing action film that took modern special affects and turned it in to creative, cool, interesting action scenes (And non of that crappy shaky camera angles, Like Transformers.) The story was very good and brought a lot in on the judgement day future crap. They brought in new and interesting characters, as well as bring back some of the old ones (hint hint.) The special affects were great and sucked you in the story.

Bad- well, I complain about this a lot but is pretty minor detail... The teeth!!! Some of the characters have pearly white teeth (Even know it is the apocalypse and there is not a tooth brush for 300 miles!) Oh yeah... Christian Bale. Ugh! You can not look at him with out think of when he cursed at the donut guy for 35 minutes because he walked on the set. And ok... His acting is not that good. He does not have any emotion and the ones he does have are in-describable.

OverAll- Should you see it? Yes. but first, go out and rent the first three terminators, even if you have already seen them. Check it out. first action movie I have enjoyed since 300... (our next review)
But here is the trailer that best fits the movie Terminator Salvation

-The Critic

Terminator salvation


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2009-05-29 23:58:24

I would be willing to watch it a couple of more times. You have to give credit to the genius who did the special affects.

That old lady in there, I SWEAR SHE HAS TO BE SARAH CONNOR. It's wierd....

alienhominid100 responds:

Bravo to the special affects. incredible! I usually HATE CGI (I like the good old stop motion) but yeah