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Watchmen Review

2009-06-15 16:04:02 by alienhominid100

Alright this is a movie made out of the comic book, Watchmen.

COMIC ADAPTATION: Well, It was a good adaptation and I will not spoil the end for the comic fans but they changed it! Dr. Manhattan was a bad character IN THE MOVIE... He talked in sympathetic voice and was pulled off better in the comic. The casting was great. They spent like 5 minutes on the sex scene and if they took out 4 minutes of that they would have time to actually put in more necessary scenes.

AS A MOVIE: Well, the visuals were amazing. The sound track was great and well fitted for the movie. The acting was convincing and was pulled off well. I have no complaints about the movie itself.

ALL AROUND: Well this is an awkward time to put the review since it is not in the theaters or on DVD. You should get the DVD when it comes out. It was brilliant.

P.S.- It comes out on DVD July 25!

Watchmen Review


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2009-06-15 16:10:51

MrCock does that to everybody, don't listen to that lowlife loser.

alienhominid100 responds:

Thanks man, He's an ass.


2009-06-15 16:19:58

Ehh, comic was 10x times better. Movie was ruined by the overuse of slomo.

alienhominid100 responds:

The comic was 10x better then the movie but the movie was still good


2009-06-15 16:21:34

Oh, and Alan Moore didn't take any part, so It kind of already gets a bad rap from that. Plus none of the symbolism came through from the comic. Plus the lack of recurring themes. But I will still probably get the movie.

alienhominid100 responds:

Yes but dave gibbons played a BIG part of it.


2010-03-07 22:54:41

I saw it. IMO, the sex scene was terrible.


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