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Shaun of the Dead

2009-06-24 14:25:26 by alienhominid100

Well, I just watched Shaun of the dead for the second time and I will review it now.

ABOUT: Well, it is about shaun (simon pegg) has a girl friend who he does not really appreciate. And he can't seem to get his life afloat. And every one is bugging him about his fat stupid (funny) drunk best friend/room mate, Ed (Nick Frost). After a night of getting plastered off his ass him and his roommate go to his girlfriends house and mum's house, they TRY to save themselves from zombies.

BAD: I have no complaints... nothing. It took a while to get in to the zombie part but it gave you a variety of laughs (love humor, family humor, drunk humor, Work humor etc.) before it got to the zombies.

GOOD: everything... It was great. The humor, the characters, the romance, the zombies. It was cleverly filmed and casted. As the cover of the DVD says, "A smash hit romantic comedy... with zombies."
Well said cover.

Overall: Go out to FYE or blockbuster and pick it up. It is worth it.

Shaun of the Dead


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2009-06-24 15:47:40

a little late dont ya think

alienhominid100 responds:

(1) You can not spell (2) I try to review movies... just movies, when did I ever say I am going to review recent movies?


2009-06-25 06:45:38

2 times.
i do not remember how many times i seen it but i know it is more than 5.

alienhominid100 responds:

Yeah it is a great movie. I love simon pegg (Shaun). Such a good actor! By now I have watched it 4 times.


2009-11-18 18:35:43

I love that film!